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Exovera is a subscription-based, 24/7 media and open source intelligence service providing actionable insights that empowers decision-makers with complete situational awareness. Our service has been providing customers with sources of information and analysis from experienced analysts to support their decisions with tailored, credible intelligence, rather than a simple and often meaningless feed of generic data.

With over 10 years of media analysis experience and a broad base of over 6,000 users in the military, political, and public affairs sectors, Exovera is flexible in meeting our customer’s range of needs, interests, time zones and languages – no matter the challenge or mission.




The leading real-time social media information discovery and advanced analytics company for government.

Knowing information first, whether by hours or minutes, helps those entrusted with keeping Americans & American interests safe – both at home and abroad – to save lives. Through its exclusive partnership with Twitter, Dataminr instantly analyzes all publicly available Tweets for real-time information related to terrorist threats, social and political unrest, shootings, fires, transportation and other serious accidents, extreme weather and illness outbreaks.

Through its map-based dashboard, Dataminr delivers customizable real-time signals on events as they develop to a web-based dashboard, email, and smartphone apps. Dataminr's suite of of advanced analytics includes a one-year archive of Twitter data, advanced geolocation prediction algorithms and analytic capabilities, and custom signal discovery tools.



With an excess of 1 billion social media posts a day, across multiple platforms, in multiple languages, it’s like 'finding a needle in a haystack' to unearth relevant information. Echosec provides a solution for this with a new way to search data based around a user-defined location within a single click.

Echosec’s platform helps organisations to:
  • Search for data based on location, not just keywords

  • Add context to data that would otherwise be meaningless

  • Identify an individual’s movements throughout the world
  • Make better informed decisions when investigating remote and hostile environments
Echosec is already used globally by governments, law enforcement, security, intelligence and defence organisations. That’s why we have not only invested in the mainstream social media platforms, but the likes of VKontake (Russia’s Facebook) and Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter).

Echosec has been built upon fundamental principles of security and user privacy. The system can be deployed with Echosec or behind a corporate firewall.



QinetiQ is a science and technology company with a focus on the defence and security sector. We work for a number of UK Government clients who need to understand their audiences, the information environment and how messaging can be tailored to the audiences. The Influence team is made up of a range of different disciplines including psychology, marketing and political science.   We offer a range of services from: focused and practical fundamental research on influence, behavioural change and messaging; empirical studies and trials; understanding audiences, culture and motivation; and, support to practitioners to help them assess the impact of campaigns.

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