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Post-Conference Workshop

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Workshop A: Quantifying perceptions: How can we continue to understand and analyse how effective our CVE messaging efforts are?

Ben Heap , Media Operations Consultant, NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence

“How can our effectiveness be measured?" This workshop will look to assess if the resources and effort are achieving the desired outcomes.
In order to understand perception, we must first look at the behaviour and the motivations of people at the start point.
The key goal for this workshop is the understanding of effective engagement with target audiences. When developing programmes designed
to counter violent extremism, we aim to effectively communicate with key target audiences through an array of channels, trying to disrupt those
pathways which may lead individuals to violence. We must also be able to assess the success of such initiatives in order to refine and improve
policy. This workshop provides the opportunity for delegates to explore aspects of interaction with key audiences,
Ben Heap
Media Operations Consultant
NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Workshop B: The importance of positive communication when countering violent extremism

Paul Tilley , Chief Operations Officer, InCoStrat

“Creating positive counter messaging” – One of the successful facets of Daesh’s recruitment campaign has not just been their use of violence and
anti-western rhetoric, but also promoting the caliphate through positive messaging, highlighting the ‘Islamic paradise’ that they promise, using
normalized family images in their recruitment videos. This workshop will examine how we can promote our own alternative narrative, and portray
positive messaging in light of extremist influence, and look at what has and hasn’t worked, and how we can continue to improve.
Paul Tilley
Chief Operations Officer

3:00 PM Break

Situational awareness in the virtual domain" - As seen from the attacks in Paris, the distinction between home and abroad in violent extremism
is disappearing. This is very much a result of effective recruitment online, particularly across social media. To stem recruitment and the rise of
violent extremism, an understanding of who is saying what and with what authority must be established. This workshop seeks to show how we
can analyse open source intelligence to much greater effect through looking at a hypothetical situation in which delegates will openly interact
with open source intelligence. The aim of the workshop is to assess how the use of social media and open source intelligence can continue
to develop our CVE efforts, and encourage an internal assessment of the way that this form of intelligence is used.
Paul Baines
Professor of Political Marketing
Cranfield University

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