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Conference Day One

Day 1

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Haroon Ullah
Senior Adviser to the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
US State Department
Gregory Radabaugh
Joint Information Operations Warfare Center
Jonathan Russell
Head of Policy
Qulliam Foundation
Antony Bridges
Head of Human Peformance
  • Do we face a credibility issue when attempted to craft positive messages? Would it be better to build upon messaging originating at the “grass-routes” level?
  • If negative rhetoric relies on disproving/providing a retort to statements made by our adversary, what role should this play in our messaging efforts? How can we ensure we get the balance right and don’t become reliant on a reactive approach? 
  • Do the challenges surrounding measurement of effect vary depending on the “style” of communication chosen? If so, how? 
Lieutenant Colonel John Wishart
J39 CA Planner
Special Operations Command Africa

3:30 PM Countering Violent Extremism in the Balkans region: Targeting an audience in a cultural melting pot

Colonel Mark Vertuli , J39 Director, Special Operations Command Europe

Colonel Mark Vertuli
J39 Director
Special Operations Command Europe

4:00 PM Operational Challenges of Information Deterrence in Countering the Russian Federation

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Duprey , S39, 10th Special Forces Group(A)

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Duprey
10th Special Forces Group(A)
  • How can we distinguish between the loudest voices and the most the powerful influencers? How can we effectively interact with these influencers once identified?
  • How can we effectively interact with the ‘influencers’, and leverage their understanding of the local narrative?
  • When looking at transnational extremist organisations, do we need to place more emphasis on the regional cells or the overarching entity? Or do both need to be tackled simultaneously to effectively counter their communication efforts?

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