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2015 Speakers Include

Colonel Christopher Naler (Rtd)
Former Commander
US Marine Corps Information Operations Command
Ted Whiteside
Deputy Assistant Secretary General
Colonel Derek Hudson
Assistant Director Information Activities and Outreach, Army Headquarters
British Army
Colonel John Harris
Deputy Chief, Joint Fires and Influence
Brigadier Francois Chauvancy (Rtd)
Former Head of Information Operations
French Army
Colonel Giovanni Gagliano
Former Commander, 28th PsyOps Regiment
Italian Army
Lieutenant Colonel Juan Luis Sanchez Sanchez
PSYOPS Battalion, Spanish Intelligence Regiment nº1
NATO Rapid Deployment Corp
Lieutenant Colonel Jay Janzen
Chief of Media Operations
Lt Col Dirk Schweickhardt
Lead – Anti-Terrorism, Operational Communications Centre
Lt Col Henry Mallory
SO1 Information Activities - Capability CD Combat Support
UK Army
Wing Commander (Des) Keith Dear
J3 Joint Effects, PJHQ
Major Kyle Henson
J3, Joint Information Support Task Force (JISTF)
US Army
Hanif Qadir
Active Change Foundation
Steve Welsh
Senior Manager - Head of Behavioural Science
National Crime Agency
Thomas Nissen
Head of Section (StratCom)
Royal Danish Defence College
Paul Tilley
Robbie Harris

Countering Extremism Through Influence

Building on the success of our Information Operations Global series, DefenceIQ is delighted to announce our inaugural event: Countering Violent Extremism. Whilst our Information Operations series focused predominantly on the military influence professional, we have decided to broaden the remit of this years symposium by bringing in senior government, military and intelligence professionals to create a forum focused on countering violent extremism, the use of open source intelligence to pursue non-state actors (including social networks etc.) and the subsequent utility of strategic communications activity for both military and cross-government entities. 

Consolidating lessons learnt over the past 12 months, the symposium provides high level insight into the long term strategic plans surrounding the direction of, and investment into, open source intelligence analysis, target audience analysis and the creation of outreach campaigns to promote individual narratives whilst dispelling adversarial misinformation.

If you are involved in any facet of countering violent extremism, from strategic communications and outreach activity through to digital intelligence and civilian contractors, Countering Violent Extremism 2015 will provide you with the most concise and effective way to learn from, and engage with, the thought leaders in your field.

What others think of our IO series:

"This year has actually been a step-change better than the last few I've attended... What we've covered has been a wide-ranging and most interesting."Lt Col James Hancock, JIOTAT
"The Conference was outstanding! Most of the topics were relevant to my job and the speakers were world class. The combination of speakers and the ability to meet and "network" with our international partners allowed me to gain months worth of knowledge and experience in just 4 days."Scott Wetzel, USAF
"It was well balanced. This conference is always valuable as it is a unique forum in which to learn how IO is doing and where we are heading."Deputy Director, PsyOps, Canadian Forces
"Must attend event for IO practitioners to stay abreast, learn new and share own knowledge/application. I have 13 years of US Army experience, multiple combat tours and have written extensively on IO but I was very satisfied with what I learned. Even experienced IO practitioners need to refresh their skills and knowledge."Norman Emery

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